Control Your Internet Business

admin-loginAnytime and anywhere access

Wouldn't it be great if you could update your own website whenever you liked? With a Content Management System you have your own login area that lets you update your site's content and easily perform other useful tasks that help manage your website business.

  • Your own 'administration' login page;
  • Optionally, you can allow other administrators with the same, or fewer, privileges.
  • Available from any web browser with an Internet connection. You have your own username and password.



admin-contentUpdate your website pages

Use a Word-like editor to change the content of your pages:

  • Define headings and paragraphs;
  • Use text formatting such as bold and italic;
  • Insert images anywhere in your articles;
  • Edit any existing web page or create news or blog articles.



user-managerManage other website users

You can manage other users on your site, each of whom has their own login and potentially different privileges:

  • You could allow other staff members to edit your site's content;
  • You could allow other users such as customers, suppliers, business partners, etc. to obtain access to additional facilties;
  • You could setup online subscriptions for set periods of time at prices you specify, and which the users can renew.



admin-newslettersCreate and send email newsletters

Engage with your customers by sending them email newsletters whenever you wish:

  • Send email newsletters in HTML or plain text format;
  • You can have separate groups of recipients for different newsletters;
  • Your users can control the newsletters they want to receive;

Note that the features available for your website will be those you request as part of your development. Other features are also available, including custom-built facilities if required. This approach means you only pay for the features you need.

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